The DCC / Brighton Shuttle Moves Students towards Their Goals, with Hope for Future Runs

With half of Damon’s 3,200 students taking classes at the Brighton Campus and other campuses, inter-campus transportation is needed to support students.  In September 2011, the Monroe Community College Association took the lead and inaugurated a shuttle between the Brighton and Damon City campuses.  According to Annette Agness, Director of the Association, after a slow start during the fall semester, the spring semester has an average weekly ridership of 825 one-way riders.  Ms. Agness said the service continues to evolve and there have been requests to expand the service to the Applied Technology Center.

At least one student, Lebaron Kennedy, agrees. “When the school first announced the shuttle and the route it would take, I wrote to the person in charge and thanked them for it. I also added that somewhere in the future …it should be extended to the ATC (Applied Technology Campus) as well…”  Mr. Lebaron does not always have the use of a car, takes the shuttle from the Damon campus to the Brighton campus, and sometimes has to walk from the Brighton campus to the ATC campus. He thinks expanding the shuttle to include the Applied Technology center would help low income students attending classes there.

There have been a few “bumps” in the service including technology issues, and the physical condition of the bus stop at Damon Center, according to Annette Agness, Director of the Monroe Community College Association.  A new problem is overcrowding at peak times, early in the morning from Damon City Center to the Brighton Campus and late in the afternoon from Brighton Campus to the Damon City Center campus.  She stated that the plan is to develop the Brighton to Damon City service first, and then possibly expand.

Karen Gushue, Adjunct Instructor in the Business and Economics department, rides the shuttle twice a week.  The mornings she rides it from the Brighton Campus to Damon City Center, the bus seats are one-half to 100% full.  Gushue said “I think it’s a great service.”  Ms. Gushue went on to talk about how quiet and pleasant the ride has been.  For her the convenience and lower transportation cost makes it easier to accept teaching assignments at Damon City Center.

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