It’s not Business As Usual in the MCC Business/Economics Department

I audited a course in communications at Monroe Community College to learn the newest trends in writing for the press and web. This was one of my assignments.

JOHN STRIEBICH is the new department chair for the Business/Economics department at Monroe Community College. In a recent interview, the new chair stated the were two challenges which may effect classes and students at Monroe Community College.

STATE Funding May Have a Negative Impact

“The challenge is going to come from things that are not really in our control. I mean the state budget and decrease in funding is going to impact the department” John Streibich

He doesn’t know how the cuts will affect class sizes or the number of class sections.

MCC’s fall master schedule will show the effects of possible section cuts and.or larger class sizes.

Readiness is the other Challenge

According the Mr. Striebich, the other challenge is the college-readiness of incoming students, particularly in Math and English. He is holding seminars to faculty to acquaint them with “the great resources” at MCC including the Counseling and Testing Center to help students attending MCC.

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