Web Content and Article for Client

I worked with a small business that manufactures a death care product. Not what you might think of as a typical client, we needed to be mindful of the situation while addressing the needs of mausoleums.  Text for one of the web pages is below,  click on the link to view the original article I edited for publication.

Why Do Mausoleums Need Casket Protection?

With every entombment, there exists the potential for powerful natural changes that can affect the final disposition of the remains. The four major changes that may occur are fluid leakage, decomposition odors, infestation, and casket deterioration.  Mausoleum managers must also be prepared for in-ground removals to the mausoleum, transfer cases, temporary entombments, poorly embalmed, unembalmed and autopsy cases as well as ‘problem’ cases that become recognizable years after entombment. When Ensure-A-Seal Casket Protectors are part of the entombment procedure, the crypt chamber remains clean, dry, ventilated and CONTROLLED.  Using fungal and mildew resistant, ultra-protective material and an exclusive two-stage sealing system the EAS Casket Protector is designed for both metal and wood caskets and can be sealed in just minutes.  A seamless, plastic corrugated tray with SIL liner contains liquids. The ONE-WAY check valve allows gases to escape.  Let Nature take its course – use Ensure-A-Seal Casket Protectors.

Removal Responsibilities of the Parties Involved

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