Example of a press release

Here’s a press release I did for a window hardware representative, a former colleague at Schlegel Systems. Kevin’s business is doing well and I hope I helped him on his way.


From Design to Delivery- Now Direct from Brio® USA

Rochester, NY: Brio architectural sliding and folding door hardware and retractable screens have been available in the USA for more than five years through distributors selling under their own private label brand names. In 2011, Brio took the next step in its growth by creating a new subsidiary, Brio USA Inc. with a manufacturing facility in Rochester, NY. Effective June 2013 a majority of independent distribution agreements have ended and Brio will be servicing door and window manufacturers as well as fabricators on a direct basis.

“It is important to understand the needs of your customers” stated Kevin O’Connor, president of Brio USA, “Having a direct unfiltered link to our account base will allow Brio USA Inc. to fully understand the issues that concern our customers and be in a better position to respond accordingly.” Brio USA will now offer a range of services, from a technical solution requiring new product development to making sure orders have the shortest lead time possible so inventories can be minimized.

From its headquarters in Rochester, New York, Brio USA Inc. produces and supplies high quality Brio products throughout North America. BRIO is the global brand leader with a full range of architectural sliding & folding door hardware and retractable screens for residential and commercial applications. The full range of BRIO hardware is design-engineered to deliver high performance in all North American climates. Using different materials including stainless steel, BRIO sliding and folding door hardware is made to last and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Brio brings decades of experience in designing and manufacturing architectural hardware for the window and door industry since the business commenced operations in Australia in 1973. Today Brio is represented in over 20 countries and is recognized around the world as a leading design and manufacturing company.

Interview Contact: Kevin O’Connor

Telephone: +1-585-319-5599


For more information visit our website http://www.brioUSA.com

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