White Paper for B to B

A while ago, I was the Marketing Communications Manager for Schlegel Systems, Inc. which is now Schlegel Electronic Materials.  I wrote a white paper with content from the Project Manager, Shane Hudak, who now is an Executive Partner at ‎Nazareth-Hanover Associates, LLC. EMI Gaskets: A Product Overview by Shane Hudak, Product Manager Schlegel Systems, Inc. […]

Web Content and Article for Client

I worked with a small business that manufactures a death care product. Not what you might think of as a typical client, we needed to be mindful of the situation while addressing the needs of mausoleums.  Text for one of the web pages is below,  click on the link to view the original article I […]

The DCC / Brighton Shuttle Moves Students towards Their Goals, with Hope for Future Runs

With half of Damon’s 3,200 students taking classes at the Brighton Campus and other campuses, inter-campus transportation is needed to support students.  In September 2011, the Monroe Community College Association took the lead and inaugurated a shuttle between the Brighton and Damon City campuses.  According to Annette Agness, Director of the Association, after a slow […]