Sometimes, I have a creative thought pop into my head and percolate.

When it’s done, I write it down.



I know “English” is changing, a living language.
Words don’t mean the same thing in different places,
Times, ages, different ethnic races.

Why do some words become the secret?
How to tell what can’t be told,
Mentioned, whispered, when it’s a heavy load.

That’s it
The word that meant in an instant,
Still does, but now in different ways.
Three that I know of, there’s probably more secrets to convey.

Was it
Do we dare ask?
The word masks the sorrow of those left behind
A matter of the heart
A matter of the brain
A matter of the heart and brain, somehow it’s all the same

“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate, I do.” Yes, I know.

Suddenly it happens, have you heard?
Then the mourning whispers the word.

Cat Sitting

Today I gave in
Woken the usual time,
The sun popping over the Earth’s rim
By the time they’re fed, I ready
Morning chores, picking up, recycling bin.

The din
first a meow
then a cry
Ssh, the house is sleeping in.
I move, they scurry, try
They win.

The piano bench is plaid blanket covered
ready for me and one watcher
Cat worn rug beneath
ready for the other
I sit
They stand guard

Do not pet
Do not play
Sit and watch until we say.

It feels like sin
Just sitting there
letting slip by time
lists and lists
no time for this

What do they watch anyway?
Do not pet
Do not play
Sit and watch until we say.

I want to move
I try to pray
I really can’t do this all day
I work my mind
I am just fine

Can I go now?
Do not pet
Do not play
Sit and stare until we say.